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it was a terrible blow

knowing what we know

11/29/10 02:30 pm - I'm mad!

 On Friday Dan and I went to a couple animal shelters looking for kittens to adopt. First we went to SPCA but their kittens were older, though cute and friendly. At the Humane Society, though, we found two baby kittens that are cute and young enough to mold into upstanding indoor-only cats.

SO under a lot of pressure from one misinformed staff member (who told us adoption fees were half off for Black Friday and that we'd get to take the kittens home that night), we filled out the adoption forms. Turned them in and THEN had to talk to the evil, wretched, judgmental NATALIE.

So Natalie questions us about Bert dying, how it happened, blah blah blah. Totally holier-than-thou guilting us because he was outside, telling us about how she NEVER let her cats out (let alone a declawed one!) and has had cats FOREVER. Excuse me. Do you THINK I didn't learn my lesson when I had to bury my dead cat? Do you think I was going to just shove these tiny kittens out on the street to fend for themselves? I was so annoyed. The main reason we wanted kittens was that we wanted cats who had not already been exposed to living outside so they wouldn't have as much a taste for it.

She also interrogated us about the fact that his vaccine series (which he probably didn't need) wasn't finished because of the wackadoo holistic vet that we took him to on the misguided advice of a fellow cat lover.

She tells us that she'll have to talk to her manager about our black marks as cat parents and that the application wouldn't be done processing til Monday AND that since the application can't be approved by the end of Friday, that there is no discount. (Now, the discount is not even why we went there, but it's pretty shitty to advertise a fake discount that no one can even get because it takes a while for the application to be approved.)

We go home a little shell-shocked and annoyed, because not only did these people pressure us into applying then and there to adopt the cats, they told us wrong information and then guilted us about our dead cat. Uncool.

Today Dan called back to check on the application and the woman that answered the phone totally misunderstood and told him that there were no slots for adoption for another week. (BIG WTF!) I called back and found out she had thought he meant he had cats that needed adopted. So she puts me on with the dreaded NATALIE who then wheedles that she has one more question. When did Bert die??

I told her the truth, a few weeks ago. Not sure what bearing that has on it, like there's a required grieving period before you get your next cat? Should I have lied to her?? I DON'T KNOW.

And so our application is still processing and SHE'LL CALL ME, don't worry. Ugh.

But if she doesn't want to let us adopt the kittens, I wish she'd just say so instead of stringing us along and extending the amount of time I live in a kitty-free zone.

11/13/10 12:05 pm - pain and misery blahblahblah

I know I never update anymore. I don't know why. Too distracted and busy, I guess.

Well most of you have probably heard that my dearly, dearly beloved cat Bertie died. Yesterday morning. What a terrible day it was. Let me tell you about it!

Sad things about my cat dying and the wretched day we had.Collapse )

7/22/10 01:36 pm

I just realized I've been recording my period online for 4.5 years. I've got a lot of data stored up!

7/21/10 04:07 pm - almost moving day

this is what i've accomplished so far today:
- got rid of a ton of old papers
- dropped off glass recycling
- bought a new toilet seat
- went to the post office
- dropped off work key
- dropped off clothes donation
- got kitty litter, cat treats & cat anxiety stuff
- cooked some chickpeas
- transferred ONG acct to my name
- packed a big box of clothes
- halfway packed shoes
- halfway packed bag of essentials that i don't want in other boxes
- cuddled my kitty

what dan did
- closed internet and electric accts
- got a prescription for cat sedatives
- did a bunch of dishes
- helped me do a bunch of stuff above

what i am going to do
- make cooked chickpeas into soup
- install new toilet seat (woo)
- start cleaning out fridge (double woo)
- make more mint pea dip
- continue packing clothes
- find out what's under the bed & couch, pack accordingly
- drink some beer

7/14/10 11:12 pm - OH MY GOD UGGGH

oh. my. god.

and i had thought everything was coming up roses and that my luck was just great!

but then i just got an email saying that the lady who was going to move into our place has decided against moving in.

you know. just. because that's how life is. i should have know, from how odd and flaky this woman was, but she was the only one it went anywhere with.

and we're supposed to be leaving in a week. god. damn.

so i might have to pay $1000 for breaking the lease and lose the $400 deposit.

7/13/10 08:23 pm - WHAT I DID TODAY

- packed the bathroom
- made herbed pea DIP
- booked the moving truck
- made cafe con leche with dan
- got out everything in the pantry to remind me to cook it
- went on a walk with dan & stopped by the grocery store
- made (am making) black bean soup

7/13/10 04:18 pm

guys post stuff

but im not gonna

maybe soon!

7/7/10 06:03 am

Landed the house. Gonna sign the lease this week. Everyone send me good rug-finding vibes.

7/4/10 09:52 pm - just got home

spent most of the weekend in tulsa. we found a house! it's pretty nice, aside from some UGLY ASS (and i mean UUUUUUHHHGLY) carpet. it's also in a nice neighborhood (right by braden park, near 4th and yale). the house is pretty modest and plain on the outside, but it's pretty good sized with LAUNDRY and a sunroom-ish thing and a good-sized kitchen with all new appliances.

couldn't get ahold of the landlady to sign the lease yesterday probably bc of the holiday weekend, but hopefully we'll get the ball rolling this week.

i'm excited to move back! but overwhelmed.

6/29/10 11:03 am - to do today

brush teeth BIG TIME--the donut fairy came this morning!

take a shower and (it was actually a bath) primp a little becaauuuseee...

go get driver's license renewed (couple weeks late)

grocery shopping (garlic, onions, veg, fruit, milk)

mail a book (swaptree.com, check it out)

pay the rent

tidy up
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